Considerations for Choosing the Best Gifts for Drummers

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Surprise your drum-loving loved ones and friends with these stunning gift ideas. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They range from amazingly entertaining packages to educational items. Drum sticks are awesome gifts for drummers and for those beloved percussion freaks of yours. Their tips are in various shapes like round, oval and acorn. You could also customize a unique pair of sticks with the name of your friend on it.

There are also specialty drumsticks derived from metal, plastic, rubber. Each has their own special quality and sound. You can never go wrong with glow-in-the-dark drumsticks for individuals who possess adventurous personalities. Though wondering how they would play with lights off is another thing entirely.

You can’t go wrong with drum related books. Stun your loved ones with an autobiography on Mike Portnoy or Ringo Starr. There are a lot of books on tutorials as well as easy-to-follow guides on drum rudiments and solos.

A 12-month subscription to a drummer’s magazine is an awesome holiday surprise as well. Ask them to know the type of drum related magazine they like. Most importantly, find out the kind of genre they like and subscribe to a magazine that talks about that music in particular.

For starters, a practice pad could feature on their Christmas wish list. Make their dream come true by looking for drum pads. It’s an awesome device that assists drummers to get into the groove. Select a lightweight practice pad that has a natural feel but durable material.

When considering gifts for drummers, you could also pick from different drum tutorials from expert drum instructors. There are also DVDs that contain drum lessons devoted to a specific genre like Latin, jazz, blues and progressive rock. If they would like to feel the true experience of playing alongside their favorite band, then you could get a DVD play-along series. Surprise them with a broad collection of DVD on marching as well as military bands going crazy over para-diddles, flam rudiments, and drum rolls. These are ideal for those who would like to practice their drum solos.