Benefits of Local Web searches

Are you doing a web search? If so then you should consider the benefits of local searches over ones via Google, Yahoo, etc. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Highly targeted marketing

This will be a plus if you’re running a website and want to reach your niche market. However, it’s also a plus if you’re just conducting a search. The reason is that you’ll see results for the top-ranked businesses in your area.

That will be beneficial since you’ll be able to see which local businesses are the most popular in your area. This isn’t to say that you should automatically go with them. On the other hand, they can be good options because if many other people are searching for the company then it’s a good sign they’re doing something right.

  1. Google Places is free

This allows companies to list their businesses in hundreds of Internet business directories. It can benefit you the customer since it means there will be more local businesses showing up in local search. That might change if local SEO isn’t free in the future, but for now, it’s a perk that benefits companies and thus customers as well.

  1. You can find local businesses

There are times when you’ll want to search for local businesses in particular. In that case, you should consider using search engines to give you a better chance of finding a company near your home. That could be for both PC and mobile devices. This isn’t to say you can’t get such results when using big search engines.

However, the problem is that case the local businesses won’t be prioritized. That can be a problem if you’re not interested in finding a business in another city or country, for example.

  1. Mobile search

Today more customers are using smartphones and tablets to do their web searches. More local search engines are also making their sites mobile-friendly. There are also many that are launching mobile apps. This is the best option but if the site is optimized for small screens then it’s already a plus for user experience.

The key to mobile search is it gives you the ability to do local searches from just about anywhere just so you have your device and web connectivity. That can be a plus if you have an emergency and have to find a product or service quickly, for example.

  1. High conversion rates

This might seem to be more about the actual companies that are ranked high in local search. However, it can also be beneficial for potential customers who are looking for a local company. It’s likely that the companies that rank high have been successful in converting leads to sales.

In that case, it’s a good sign that the company has become successful for whatever reason. It could be their products/services, customer service, or both. What’s important is that there are an excellent chance companies that rank on page 1 of the search results are ones you should consider when looking for a company.



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