Visa Policy for Vietnam: A Look at the e-visas Application Process

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It is very much possible for you to obtain visas via the Vietnamese consulates and embassies around the world but it is important you are aware that the fees that you will be charged are higher compared to when you use a Visa agent and the country you are applying from affect the processing time of the Visa, it could. Either is slow or fast. In Asia, the Visa policy for Vietnam means that Vietnamese Visa will be released two to three working days in Europe, Cambodia and while in North America it will take about a week for the Visa to be processed.


A pilot e-vise program was introduced to the public in the early quarter of the year 2017, thus giving visitors the ample opportunity to apply for the Vietnamese visa through the Immigration Department of Vietnam. The citizens of 40 countries are officially eligible, including those citizens from the United States of America and the United Kingdom (though not New Zealanders, Canadians, or Australians).

It is important you are aware of the fact that E-visas are single entry only, it is valid for just 30 days (this is not extendable) and it cost 25 USD. the Visa processing takes about three days to five days.

Nonetheless, the system has been efficiently and properly implemented. The official website often fails to load and it is glitch prone. At some point, we heard that there have been cases where some applications went AWOL and the photos were rejected by the system for not meeting the required demand or perhaps not being picture perfect.

There have reports filed by visitors being deported as a result of incorrect details, such as name being spelled wrong or wrong date of birth on the online application form. If perchance you do apply for an e-visa, it is vital that you cross check the information provided and ensure it is 100% accurate.


E-Visas have definitely made it easier for applicants to get a visa policy for Vietnam. However, the process is pretty much the same with how visa applications are done most of the time.

Vietnam Visa Applicants

Here is some information that you need to know when you apply for a visa policy for Vietnam:

  • Service, Official and Diplomatic or United Nations Passport holders are all required to apply for the visa policy at their respective embassy.
  • Children are already included in the passport of their parents. They are required when applying online in getting the visa approval letter. This will be used to get the visa on arrival.
  • For dual citizenship, you need to choose one country of the passport that you choose to use when traveling to Vietnam.
  • Visa for groups: for group visa application, they must meet the requirements as follows: the same visa type, the same purpose of application, same exit and entry date. If it is not within these three requirements, each is recommended to apply for the visa separately.

As of this writing, the Visa on Arrival Vietnam is only valid for those that desire to go to Vietnam through one of the following airports:

  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which is located at Ho Chi Minh City;
  • Cam Ranh International Airport, located in Nha Trang City;
  • Da Nang International Airport, located at Da Nang City

Visa on Arrival Vietnam fees

You will find two kinds of fees if you want to get a visa on arrival.

  • You can pay the service fee online through e-Visa. The office will be arranging the visa approval letter and after that they will send you the letter through your email.
  • Upon arrival in the Vietnam at the destination airport, you need to pay US$25 for the visa on single entry, which is usually valid for up to 3 months or US$50 if you carry a visa on multiple entry, which is also valid for up to 3 months. For business visa that is valid for up to 6 months, the fee costs is US$95 while you pay US$135 for a business visa valid for one year.

Basic Requirements

  • The passport you carry must be valid for up to 6 months before the entry date into Vietnam. All information in your passport must match with the details according to is written in your visa approval letter.
  • Your online visa application form must be filled in with the correct information. The information you placed there must match with the data in your passport.
  • The applicant is not advised to travel before the date of arrival as specified in the registration. If not, you take the risk of traveling to Vietnam without carrying the visa approval letter. The applicants are not allowed entry should they not respect these instructions.
  • There are countries exempted from visa application for Vietnam which is under the bilateral or unilateral agreements with the country Vietnam. Check out the list of exempted countries in advance prior to submitting your request for visa.

Make sure you also check out countries that are not offered for applying with the visa policy for Vietnam online.