Why the Floor Jack is an Essential Tool in the Home or Mechanic Workshop

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Why the Floor Jack is an Essential Tool in the Home or Mechanic Workshop

While working on your vehicle, you may need to check its undercarriage, remove its steering wheel or even change its tires. These jobs require specific tools. We have talked about a few of the most popular ones for at-home or mechanic car lifting needs in this article.

Floor Jack

Floor jacks are hand tools that make use of hydraulics to lower and lift a car. The horizontal piston associated with a floor jack pushes on the short part of a bell crank while an elongated arm offers the vertical motion to a lifting pad.

Floor jacks are mostly used to change tires and to check exhaust pipes, undercarriages and brake systems of a car. They are popularly seen at pit-stops in the course of automobile races.

All floor jacks possess a particular carrying capacity, normally between two and twenty tons. The floor jacks employed for the maintenance of heavy cars have wheels so that they could be easily maneuvered when positioned under the frame of a vehicle. Such floor jacks can be extended considerably as well and offer a low profile when collapsed.

While the aforementioned automotive specialized tool is really functional for both do-it-yourselfers and mechanics, manuals must be carefully read and instructions strictly followed to avoid accidents while tinkering with the vehicle.