All our ingredients are organic and fresh, brought from the farmers directly.

Our recipes are healthier and tastier than normal, despite having cheese although in moderation.

All recipes are proven, in the sense that they are upvoted by several of our customers who visit our restaurant or order online. They have only established all our recipes. So, no experiments!

We follow only streamlined and efficient cooking procedure

After mastering a traditional family way of cooking, we have perfected the art of modern cooking with customization and sophistication.

A home-made like sauce from fresh tomatoes, the right mix of cheeses and veggies, an on-the-spot custom-made pizza, and a dough out of the finest milled flour – all these are the outcome our streamlined cooking procedures that do not compromise efficiency (nutrients intact), freshness, and taste.

The basis of our pizza are four ingredients

Only the best and freshest produce and harvest

Organic Tomatoes

Local Garlic

Hand-picked Basil

Fresh Spices

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A brief guide about the Snail Vibe

You would have never imagined a sex toy to derive inspiration from a snail. Welcome to the 21st century; anything is possible now. The Snail Vibe is a sex toy that has caught the wind since its launch by Empire Labs.


In this article, I will introduce this toy and give you all the knowledge you’d ever need about this mysterious sex toy. So buckle up and read on…


The introduction


The Snail Vibe is the amalgamation of a vibrating dildo with a clitoral vibrator. Therefore it combines the best of both worlds to give you a blended orgasm. The design does look weird and alien. However, the working of the device is impeccable. Therefore it combines the best of both worlds to give you a blended orgasm. Since its launch, it has gathered compliments from all across the globe.


The Technical tidbits


Material of the product


Snail Vibe is made of premium body-safe medical-grade silicone.

I’m not praising it much because using body-safe silicone should be a STANDARD among sex toy manufacturers – sadly, it often isn’t.


Size & Shape


The two shells are about 2’’ wide (clitoris shell) and 1.5” (control shell) wide. Snail Vibe’s insertable length ranges from 1.4” to 5”, while the insertable width is 1.4”.

The shells fit comfortably in my hand, and their design made using buttons easy.

When you insert the toy into your body, the other shell unfolds in the direction of the control shell. The coil unfolds, leaving the clitoris shell in the same position, i.e., on the labia/clit, applying constant pressure on the clitoris.


Although I only tried it on myself, I would say that this design (unfolding, size of the clitoris shell, spring design) would fit most bodies that measure 2’’ or less – from the vagina to the clitoris. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


Furthermore, I spent some time researching 6 of the ”top selling” rabbit vibrators, comparing their insertable length to Snail Vibe’s. I found out that Snail Vibe has the most extended insertable length among these 6 rabbit vibrators, making it a great choice if you’re into insertables.


The features

  • Two motors are packed into this beast.
    One in the bulb that rests against the clitoris and the second in the insertable tip. According to the product information, the clitoris motor is 4 times stronger than the other.
  • Multiple modes and speeds
    Since the motors work independently, each with 5 speed settings and 5 vibration modes, you get more than 600 combinations (25*25=625).
    Practically speaking, you won’t be trying all 600 of them, so yea, this isn’t a WOW thing.
  • Physical, tactile buttons
    The toy has physical buttons on the second bulb. This is a relief for people with butter fingers, as maneuvering through touchpads with wet fingers in the heat of the moment is annoying.


The Downsides of Snail Vibe


If I had to nitpick the downsides, I would say that not having a ”Back” button sucks because one has to go through all 5 modes before reaching the first one again.

But I guess since there are only 5 modes, it’s not that bad.


Snail Vibe is advertised as “Whisper quiet.” It tends to get noisy and is easily loud enough for snooping ears. This is only when you use one motor. If you decide to rev up both motors for a toe-curling night, you won’t experience a “whisper.”


Snail vibe during sex? Yup, I tried it all.


Oh, this was an enjoyable and sexy experience. Not every day, we get to try something as interesting as the Snail Vibe. It took me no time to figure out how to use Snail Vibe during sex. It was pretty straightforward.


First, we tried using it without any kind of lube. I was wet, so it made sense, but soon I realized it would hurt. The constant turning/rubbing of the clitoris shell against my clitoris started to be unpleasant and even hurtful after a certain point. I pulled out our water-based lube and generously lubed the toy. Now, it was enjoyable.

Holding the toy while thrusting it in was easy due to the size of the control shell. Having physical buttons also aided the process.


I thoroughly enjoyed the toy’s depth and the power of the motors. I could quickly feel that the internal motor is on the “buzzy” side while the external clitoris motor is deep and rumbly.

I prefer clitoris stimulation over G-spot to get my orgasm, so I enjoyed the outside clitoris motor more. Starting with a low-speed setting, I gradually moved on to Mode #5, which is very rumbly and loud. It was only a matter of minutes before I got my first orgasm, and yes, it was a booming one.

Snail Vibe passed the test.


I loved the experience and squirmed and orgasmed in pleasure. The snail vibe at Twice Tonight is ideal for beginners as well as for advanced users. You can tease your pussy for a few minutes using its mild settings and then move on to more rumbly ones to finally get off. Also, the clitoris shell is big enough to tease not only the clitoris but also parts of the labia and vulva.

We did not try to use Snail Vibe anally but if you want to give it a shot, do it carefully as it is not meant to be used that way.