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Our pizzas

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Classic Margherita Pizza

All traditional ingredients are there but you can choose two more toppings to add some twist to this classical pizza. This is where you can experiment smartly.

$7 $11

Fire 'n Smoke NEW PIZZA

Fire roasted all three peppers, chipotle peppered sauce of tomatoes, basil, mint, and Gouda cheese truly make this a smoky pizza. Come, let’s ignite it!

$8 $12

El Greco

Taste the best of the blend of crumbled Greek feta cheese, black olives, spinach, and traditional base of tomatoes. Less ingredients but more preferable by those who are health conscious than other options.

$10 $14

Mediterranean Grill

The authentic chasse pizza has grilled eggplants, peppers, zucchini, and onions to make you feel in an authentic Mediterranean restaurant. All ingredients are grilled on tomato base.

$9 $13

Veggie Maggie

This is where the shallow-fried noodles combine with tomato, onions, jalapenos, avocado, and cilantro to give the best of both worlds. A crunchy taste with a healthy punch is awaiting you.

$12 $16

Quattro Formaggi

A traditional tomato base comes with five cheeses namely, ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, cottage cheese, and gorgonzola. This is a treat for cheese lovers.

$14 $19

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  • Amy Alina
    I liked the El Greco and the Mediterranean Grill pizzas. They were just out of this world. Yes, the ingredients were fresh as the flavors were telling us so. Even the prices were perfect. I truly recommend this pizzeria!
    Amy Alina
  • Kevin Maze
    The Veggie Maggie was something for me to try. I did that and I was happy to taste it. It was seriously crunchy yet juicy because of veggies. I have already recommended this pizza to all my pizza fans. The best part was that I got a gluten-free crust here.
    Kevin Maze
  • Tim Hart
    This pizzeria is truly worth visiting anytime you want to enjoy having pizzas. The ambiance is good, the service is amicable, and the taste is truly adorable. I would seriously come here every weekend for a pizza party.
    Tim Hart